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Look back on our founding, celebrating 4 years
February 20, 2017
Celebrating 4 years of channel leadership
In the fall of 2012, a small group of eager leaders were invited to start something new. Excited and up for the challenge, we traded in professional attire for jeans and t-shirts. Meeting us in Plano, Texas, was our fearless leader, Brooks McCorcle, future President of AT&T Partner Solutions.  Pulled from assignments across the firm, each individual was hand-picked for their expertise in product, sales, engineering, customer experience, marketing, finance, legal and so on. Put a bunch of type A, creative, AT&T-loving, self-proclaimed technology nerds in a room and things get really interesting, really quickly.

Brooks met our enthusiasm with her own. She spoke passionately about her vision to create a program from the ground up, centered around solution providers. We’d work as a team to equip our customers with tools and resources to help grow their businesses by reselling AT&T products and services. This would be completely new for AT&T, and for our industry. The picture she painted touched on three pillars that laid the foundation for AT&T Partner Exchange: collaborating with our customers, innovating quickly and transforming 3rd party distribution. Her poignant words resonated with us, but it was the final few that solidified our path forward.  She looked at us and simply said, “We’re expecting big things from you.” Challenge accepted by all.

Focused and determined, we assembled quickly and got to work. By keeping solution providers at the center of everything we do, breaking glass and working our tails off, we launched AT&T Partner Exchange 90 days later.  Fast forward to today, and we now get to celebrate four years of channel leadership, thanks in large part to you, our solution providers.

Looking back on the journey and accomplishments of the program, we know the success of AT&T Partner Exchange is truly a joint effort. From winning over 80 awards, growing to more than 500 solution providers strong, to launching offers like mobility, IoT, Fleet Complete and AT&T NetBond, every inch of our program is built around the insights and perspective of our solution provider community. We look to you to understand your needs as they evolve with the pace of technology. You look to us to provide support to help you win in the marketplace and accelerate growth for your company.

As for those t-shirts and quirky team culture, they have become immortalized as you stroll through our office space:
  • No Jacket Required – The first conference room you see when you walk onto our floor.This is where we roll our sleeves up and business gets done.No stuffy jackets needed.
  • Executive Taco – We love tacos.So much so we named several huddle rooms after them.Plus, they’re so small they’re about the size of a taco!
  • Mr. Incredible – Another conference room that was named for our legal team who are nothing short of incredible superheroes.
  • Scooters – They might have started as a dare, but have become efficient transportation.More than one AT&T officer has been seen scooting around our space on them.
  • Cowbell – A celebratory ring that echoes across the floor each time a solution provider closes a big deal.
  • The Quiet Room – Because amongst the buzz, sometimes we all need a little quiet space.
  • Unicorn – From meeting space and coffee mugs to sweaters gone awry, unicorns are our mythical favorite that remind us that nothing is impossible!
Four years later, we’re just as excited to be here as we were on day one. Thank you for being an important part of it!