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Enhance your business with AT&T APIs
October 21, 2020
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An Application Programming Interface (API) is a pathway to information. APIs provide a direct connection for one application to speak to another and exchange information. APIs create connections between business systems and enable near-instant transmission of important information across applications.
Benefits include shorter cycle times, greater order accuracy and faster processing by confirming addresses and getting quotes in seconds. You can connect by embedding our API methods into your native systems to create a customized experience or by working with one of our leading API connectors.

APIs can help your wireline and mobility business:

- Qualify and obtain information of AT&T Services available at a given location
- Create, register, and retrieve ADI and AVPN deals that can be later used for quoting and ordering
- Create, modify, and retrieve AT&T Internet Access orders

- Manage the status of mobility lines (Account Number, Billing Account Number, and Subscriber Number)
- Activate a new mobility service and modify (change, suspend, restore, or cancel) wireless lines
- Port a wireless service from a different carrier into AT&T network