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April 11, 2017
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New API and Self-Service Tools Give Greater Control to Solution Providers

AT&T Partner Exchange® continues to bring innovation to the channel. Our new Application Programming Interface (API) capabilities, Ethernet offer enhancements and self-service support tools help businesses extend reach and improve operations.

“We’re building on our automation and self-service strategy to make business easier,” said Sue Galvanek, vice president, marketing, pricing and product solutions, AT&T Partner Exchange. “Our solution providers want innovative technologies to address business challenges and increase efficiencies. And our new capabilities do that.”

AT&T Internet Access Direct Consumption API

AT&T Partner Exchange is developing a new API designed to help solution providers check service availability and generate quotes in near real-time for AT&T Internet Access service.  The API, when available, will let solution providers embed the application in their own sales tools.  

Traffic on our API platform has grown by 40% over the past year. Our APIs help solution providers respond more quickly to customer needs, cut inefficiencies and scale their business.

AT&T Switched Ethernet Offer Enhancements

AT&T Partner Exchange is expanding its switched Ethernet offering to include faster speeds for point-to-point, any-to-any and hub and spoke implementations. Solution providers can also get near-instant site qualification and quotes via the AT&T Partner Exchange portal. These upgrades can speed their business and reach in the market.

Support Center

Support Center is easy to use and connects solution providers with the AT&T Partner Exchange Service Management team in one place. Solution providers can better manage services with more flexibility and visibility. They can access Support Center tools and resources 24x7 and quickly find answers to common questions.

“The new Support Center tool underscores the enormous priority AT&T Partner Exchange has put on enablement to help deliver the best possible experience for solution providers,” said Darren Sandford, Senior VP Operations at AireSpring. “These types of resources give us added visibility and flexibility to effectively manage and streamline operations.”