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Press Release: New API functions and IoT Certification
July 17, 2017
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AT&T Partner Exchange Boosts Automation and Enablement Capabilities for Solution Providers

New APIs and IoT Training Certification Helps Channel Increase Speed and Market Potential

AT&T* Partner Exchange® is introducing new self-service tools and an Internet of Things (IoT) training certification. These new offerings will help solution providers be more agile and navigate growth opportunities.  

We’re helping our solution providers manage accounts in near real-time so they can serve their mobility customers faster. Expanding our Mobility API1 portfolio helps providers speed daily tasks, drive out inefficiencies and create more value for customers.

The new mobility API functions give solution providers more control and allows them to:

  • Suspend/restore service – Pause and restart service.
  • Subscriber profile – Manage customer information for billing, reporting and inventory management.
  • Customer plan management – Easily update rate plans, add new features and manage mobile share groups.

“Account management, reporting and billing make up 85% of solution providers’ daily activities on the AT&T platform,” said Sue Galvanek, vice president, marketing, pricing and product solutions, AT&T Partner Exchange. “Our API platform is helping solution providers enhance their automation capabilities. They’re likely to see greater speed, visibility, accuracy and control with these essential processes.”

AT&T Partner Exchange also is releasing a new certification track to help resellers seize IoT growth opportunities. The solutions-based training explores the technologies and resources needed for IoT solutions.

“IoT adoption is on the rise and sparking a wave of innovation for customers. We’re focused on helping solution providers harness its potential by equipping them with the tools they need to be successful,” said Galvanek. “The new IoT training is the natural next step. It further builds on the resources we’ve already made available on our IoT website.”

“Technology innovation is happening quickly, and resellers need the skills to move at the same pace,” said Rob Chamberlin, vice president at DataXoom. “AT&T Partner Exchange IoT training has helped us learn how to build, manage and operate in the IoT marketplace. This means limitless business opportunities for DataXoom.”

AT&T Partner Exchange offers a range of training courses to help solution providers deepen their product knowledge. And we’re looking to simplify it for them. Since streamlining online courseware in March, solution providers have completed over 5x the certifications completed in previous months. 

1Separate agreement required.