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Getting Back Together
May 19, 2021
Topics: Events
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Getting Back Together
Little by little, in-person and hybrid events are making their way back to convention centers, conference areas, and meeting spaces. Hotels are starting to fill up and resorts are moving towards full occupancy. Not only are more than half of American adults now vaccinated against COVID-19, but people seem ready to get back to normal.
We’re anxious to go back to face-to-face meetings as well, but we certainly want to be safe about it. Not only are we employing recommended safety measures for our AT&T events, but we’re following established protocols for other events as well. And we’re participating in hybrid events – which employ virtual meeting technology components as well as the traditional in-person aspects. These hybrid events offer the best of both worlds – valuable content and networking opportunities held in-person so that attendees can enjoy the benefits of face-to-face get-togethers, but also the convenience and ease of online events for those concerned about safety or are unable to travel for other reasons.
Keep checking the AT&T Partner Exchange portal for opportunities to learn, network, meet, and grow through virtual, hybrid, and (soon!) in-person events! And, of course, FUSION 2021 is already in the works. Because we’ve missed you, too.
Connect with AT&T Partner Exchange at:
Aug. 4-6 – Comptia ChannelCon (Virtual)
Aug. 25-27 – (Atlanta)
Oct. 25-27 INCOMPAS (Las Vegas)
Nov. 2-5 – Channel Partners (Las Vegas)
Fall 2021 – FUSION
Look for AT&T Business at:
Small Business Expo Series:
May 6 – National Show (Virtual)
May 20 – Regional Show (St. Louis)
May 27 – Regional Show (Nashville)
June 17 – National Show (Virtual)
June 22 – Regional Show (Indianapolis)
July 8 – Regional Show (Detroit)
July 15 – Regional Show (Cleveland)
Aug. 5 – National Show (Virtual)
May 3-7 Distributech Connect (Virtual)
May 11 – IBM Think (Virtual)
May 11-13 Shoptalk Meetup for Women (Virtual)
June 10 – 11 Horizon Summit – SportsTechnie (Virtual)
June 21 – UTC Telecom & Tech (Virtual)
June 21-25 NRF Converge (Virtual)
June 22-24 – rethink: The Manufacturing Leadership Summit (Virtual)
June 28 – Mobile World Congress (Barcelona)
July 13 – Future of Supply Chain (Virtual)
July 14 – ConnectTech Asia (Singapore)
July 22 – AHA Leadership Summit (Virtual)
July 31-Aug. 5 – Black Hat (Las Vegas)
Aug. 9-13 – HIMSS (Las Vegas)
Events and dates subject to change.